All the work that we do across the food and beverage industry value chain is made possible by a unique combination of experience, expertise and drive for excellence. Over the past decade, we have established a highly efficient logistics and supply chain management method that we share with our brand partners, industry customers, and consumers.


We seek out the finest brands from around the world to serve the changing palates of our ever-demanding customers.


Products are stored for freshness in our wholly-owned food-grade warehouses for quick distribution in Hong Kong. We have storage facilities for different products ranging from ambient to, fresh, chilled and frozen.


We own one of the few HACCP and ISO-certified meat factories in Hong Kong, which allows us to co-create food innovation with our customers. As a value-added service, our food technicians can create new finished or semi-finished products, package or repackage meats according to specific requirements, or even develop a line of self-branded products for our customers.


We ship products by air and sea, depending on the nature of the products and the requirements of our customers. We are fully capable of handling fresh, dry, chilled, and frozen products.


We perform over 200 distributions every day. With our ambient and refrigerated warehouses and trucks, we deliver good food and operational efficiency to our customers.

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