As a total solutions provider, and with our experiences as a food importer, distributor, and supplier, we pride ourselves on serving businesses throughout the industry value chain. From downstream food production and ingredients supply, to upstream ready-to-serve and bespoke solutions, as well as direct-to-consumer offerings, we strive to help more people eat well and live well.

Building Brands

Building brand equity and extending brand reach is one of the cornerstones of our business. We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of some of the finest brands from around the world, bringing their well-made, quality-tested products to consumers in Asia. Through our established distribution network spanning major supermarket chains, specialty grocers, convenience stores and food service companies, our brand partners are assured that their products are within easy reach of consumers.

Serving Retail & Food Service Companies

With our extensive portfolio of brands under representation, we are well positioned to serve retail and food service companies with a selection of excellent choices. Having sourced the world for the finest brands, hand-picked for their quality and taste, our portfolio features a mix of authentic, traditional brands as well as new and novel offerings to help our customers stay relevant in a changing marketplace. As a value-added service to our customers, we can also co-create food innovations at our HACCP and ISO certified meat processing factory.

Delighting Consumers

We are consumers too, so we know how important healthy, great-tasting food is. Our love for food has inspired us to develop our own proprietary brands, Organic PlanetTM and Nature Green. Our full range of organically certified food is now available at major supermarket chains in Hong Kong.

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